Glazes, Cake Coverings & Finishings

With 80 different types of cake decoration ideas including seasonal products and cake glazes, toppings, marzipan and sugar paste we can provide you with inspiration for those important finishing touches.

Looking for something to put them on?  Find out about our range of cakes & confectionery concentrates and mixes.

Find out more about what we offer in each category below:


Cake Decorations

Included in our range of decorations are ready to roll pastes in a variety of colours, along with seasonal shapes and sprinkles, sugar strands, chips and fruit slices. Whatever you require to give your baking its finishing touches you will find it here!


Cake Glazes

Whether you are searching for bun glazes or fruit glazes – some available in Tetra Paks or bag in boxes – browse our mouthwatering selection.

Cake Topping

Our products include sugar nibs, a range of sauces and meringue mixes to finish off cakes and desserts.



We offer marzipan in gold, ivory and white as well as toffee caramel drops.


Sugar Paste

Over 60 types of sugar paste including Flower model paste, sugar pastes and icings provide those all important high quality finishing touches.?