Frozen Confectionery - Thaw & Serve

With over 60 types of individual cakes & morning goods with additional whole cakes, sheetbakes and traybakes, our extensive range of quality thaw and serve confectionery provides inspiration and choice for all your requirements.

From doughnuts and brownies to buns, tarts and cakes, we offer an extensive range of quality confectionery.

Why not also browse our selection of frozen unbaked morning goods, Danish pastries, individual unbaked cakes and large unbaked cakes.

Why not serve these delicious options with our custards or fresh cream?

Find out more about what we offer in each category below:

Product Categories

Frozen Individual Cakes & Morning Goods

Our extensive range of individual cakes and morning goods provides both choice and quality. Choose from tarts, muffins, doughnuts, cheesecakes, cookies, sweet treats, cream cakes, mince pies, cupcakes and teacakes.


Frozen Whole Cakes, Sheetbakes & Traybakes

Sponges, Swiss rolls, fudge and rocky road are amongst many mouth watering  frozen confectionery options available to delight your customers.