Our Team

Lots of our customers find it helpful to know a bit about the professional team we have working hard here at Bako Wales to ensure we supply what you need, when you need it, at a competitive price.  

The individuals who you are likely to deal with, in person or on the phone, have introduced themselves below.  Please do read on to find out about us!

Image of Dyfed Evans, General Manager
Dyfed Evans, General Manager

Having worked for Bako Wales since 2015, I can honestly say it’s a pleasure to lead this excellent mutual organisation. Our small size can be a great advantage as we can get to know our customers really well, working flexibly and quickly to implement improvements to our service to them. It’s a very busy role, which is made easier by the great people I work with, both our staff and our very supportive, forward-thinking Board.

Life outside of work is busy too as I’ve taken on the (bit of a nightmare) challenge of self-building a new house for my family in my hometown of Lampeter. If I’ve any time and energy left, you might find me out on my bike, although if you’ve seen me you’ll know that I’m no Geraint Thomas! My other pleasure is watching rugby and I try to get to a 6 Nations away game each year…. Come on Wales, dewch ymlaen Cymru!

Image of Rob Penn, Sales Manager
Rob Penn, Sales Manager

As Sales Manager, I’ll be looking after some of the existing key accounts that trade with Bako Wales. I’ll also be working with field and office based sales teams to help grow and nurture their own customers and to prospect and add new members to Bako Wales. Working closely with the purchasing team will also be key, ensuring that relationships with new and existing suppliers are maintained and that our pricing and product range is up to date and relevant for our customer base.

Having already worked for Bako Wales for just over 5 years (2008 to 2013), I’m looking forward to reconnecting with some of the old customers and developing new areas of business with new customers that we can bring on board - getting to know everyone within our team and working together will be key to the success of both of these aspects.

During my time away from Bako, I’ve worked in sales and relationship roles in the Welsh Government Business support programme, Fuel distribution, Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical industries.

My spare time is mostly taken up spending quality time with my wife Christie and daughters Evie and Libby. I’ve always been heavily involved in sports, exercise and competition. If you can hit it, kick it or run it, then chances are I’ve had a go at it or competed in it at some point in my life. The two most prominent sports in my life have been football and boxing, having played for Swansea City as a teenager and competing in the Senior Welsh Amateur Boxing final for my weight division in 2011.

I also love to travel and if COVID allows, I’d like to see more of the world with my family in the years ahead.


Image of Steve James, Operations Manager
Steve James, Operations Manager

I started working for Bako Wales as one of the drivers back in 2004. After 18 months out on the roads, I moved into the Warehouse side of the business. The 10 years spent working on the effective management and appropriate storage of our products gave me invaluable knowledge, which I use in my current role as Bako Wales’ Operations Manager. It’s a challenging role which is focused on ensuring our customers’ orders are efficiently picked and delivered to them as planned. It’s made easier by working with a team of staff who are friendly, good humoured and all take pride in ensuring the high standards of Bako Wales are met.

Outside of work, I’m an avid football fan. As well and being a supporter of Swansea City FC, I have played for a local team for almost 30 years. Away from the pitch, family is very important to me and I enjoy spending time with my six grandchildren. I’d love to see my only grandson play for the Swans one day (ideally with me as his manager!), or maybe I could set up a girls’ five a side team with my granddaughters. I am also a committed foster parent and have had the privilege of being able to provide a caring family home for children who haven’t been fortunate to experience this before.

Image of Sam Winkley, Marketing and Communications Executive
Sam Winkley, Marketing and Communications Executive

Proud to be part of the Bako Wales team as the Marketing and Communications Executive. The Bako team are a lovely group and I have settled in well. I have spent time in each department and love how closely everyone works together to ensure happy customers.

My role here at Bako is to look after our customers and suppliers, making sure communication is clear across all platforms. My day to day includes working on the publication of our "Bako Business" magazine, overseeing the website, and connecting with you all via our social media.

Out of work I am completing my MBA, I have two children and a pomeranian pup. I volunteer at sporting events across the UK as well as in my son's local grassroots football club's committee. I love getting together with my family, friends and my local community, organising and hosting dinners, parties and more - probably where my passion for marketing and events came from!

I'm really excited to see where we go from here!

Customer Account Management Team

Image of Shirley Parker, Customer Accounts Manager
Shirley Parker, Customer Accounts Manager

Since joining the Bako Wales team at the end of 2017, I’ve brought my passion and commitment for delivering excellent service to help our interesting and diverse customer base. Consulting with our customers helps me identify their individual needs and requirements and I then work with the whole of the Bako team to ensure we get results for them, even if that means questioning the status quo. I really enjoy the fact that each day brings new challenges and a chance to learn more about our products and customers. Memorable moments so far have included training days with our suppliers, which have been fun as well as informative, and the annual Customer Open Day – which my feet are still recovering from!

Outside work, I am an avid animal lover and involved in pet rescue and pet charity work. I like to keep fit and active and, although I’m a keen swimmer, I can be put off by the need to dry my hair afterwards! Spending time with my grandson is something I love and definitely keeps me fit, particularly racing him over obstacle courses (he gives me a head start!) or battles with his Nerf Blasters.

You can read more about my professional career on my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shirley-parker-81633061/

Image of Simon Evans, Customer Accounts Manager
Simon Evans, Customer Accounts Manager

Joining Bako Wales with the specific aim of expanding our customer base in North Wales is an exciting opportunity for me and for the co-operative. I am looking forward to engaging with customers and explaining the business opportunities offered by Bako Wales.  With more than 15 years’ experience in the bakery industry, including wholesale and manufacturing, and coming from a family of local bakers in Wrexham, I have sound knowledge of what customers want from us. 

Outside of work I enjoy time with my family – my partner, Gill, and our two children, Natasha and Alex.  It’s a busy household.  My other passions in life are golf and football. I have been a member of Wrexham Golf Club for over 30 years and play regularly whatever the weather. Wrexham AFC are my football team, and I do a bit more than just support from the side lines… I’ve had an active role as Wrex the Dragon mascot for over 10 seasons.  Next stop Hollywood?!

Image of Jack Godwin, Customer Accounts Manager
Jack Godwin, Customer Accounts Manager

After joining the friendly customer services team at Bako Wales, I'm delighted to have recently secured a new role within the business as Customer Accounts Manager - where I'll continue to provide ongoing support to our wide range of our customers in the field. 

Being a people person, I love the fact that my job involves chatting to people all day and making sure they get a great service from us. The knowledge I built up working in a small local coffee shop is helping me to advise on products that might go down well the end customers, which is very satisfying. 

Football is a big part of my life outside of work.  I’m a huge Swans fan and proud to have held a season ticket since 2006. I’m also involved in amateur football and have played for my local team in Pontarddulais since the age of 12.  As a longstanding club member, I’m now also helping to coach some of our younger teams, which is both fun and rewarding.  Finding that many of the other Bako Wales team are huge sports fans helped me quickly feel right at home.

Customer Services Team

Image of Gill, Customer Service Supervisor
Gill, Customer Service Supervisor

I’ve been with Bako Wales for more than 25 years, so it will come as no surprise that I think it’s a great company to work for. Never knowing what the day will bring makes it interesting, and it’s always a pleasure speaking to my regular customers, getting to know them well and helping them with any queries about our products and service.

Outside of work, having two young grandchildren means I’m in demand for babysitting, which I’m always happy to do. I also spend a lot of my time outdoors, gardening, when the weather is good, and taking my dog Trixie – a Chug & Yorkie cross – on long walks. This happens whatever the weather as she’s a bit overweight and needs the workout, but it’s good for keeping me fit and healthy too.

Image of SAS, Customer Service Team
SAS, Customer Service Team

The customer service team at Bako Wales is like one big family, which makes it a pleasure to come to work. As well as having a great rapport with my own customers, which I’ve built up since joining Bako in 2013, I also enjoy dealing with any new enquiries which come in on the phone or via email.

I’m not from the local area but have been living here since 2004 and have become a proud supporter of The Ospreys regional rugby team and a season ticket holder. Attending home games is a family occasion as I go along with my husband and children, making great family memories as well as enjoying the matches – at least the ones that we win!

Image of Lesley, Customer Service Team
Lesley, Customer Service Team

Having worked for Bako Wales for eight years as one of the office based customer service team members, I love how well we all get on and what a great sales team we are. I really enjoy speaking to our customers and the fact that every day is a new challenge.

In my free time I’m a passionate football fan and, despite the fact that I’ve always lived locally, Manchester United is my team. I’ve been a season ticket holder since 2001 and try to see as many of ‘The Red Devils’ games as possible, travelling with the Manchester United Swansea Supporters branch. The Swansea Supporters are a great bunch, which is just as well as I see an awful lot of them during the season!

Image of Shannon, Customer Service Team
Shannon, Customer Service Team

I joined Bako Wales in April 2022. I am excited to be part of the friendly team working in Customer Services. 

I'm looking forward to getting to know our customers and understanding their needs. 

In my spare time, I enjoy going to the gym and then relaxing in the sauna. I also enjoy travelling and plan to visit every continent within the next few years. My favourite place that I've visited is Jamaica, and I plan to return soon.