Our Team

Lots of our customers find it helpful to know a bit about the professional team we have working hard here at Bako Wales to ensure we supply what you need, when you need it, at a competitive price.  

The individuals who you are likely to deal with, in person or on the phone, have introduced themselves below.  Please do read on to find out about us!

Image of Dyfed Evans, General Manager
Dyfed Evans, General Manager

Having worked for Bako Wales since 2015, I can honestly say it’s a pleasure to lead this excellent mutual organisation. Our small size can be a great advantage as we can get to know our customers really well, working flexibly and quickly to implement improvements to our service to them. It’s a very busy role, which is made easier by the great people I work with, both our staff and our very supportive, forward-thinking Board.

Life outside of work is busy too as I’ve taken on the (bit of a nightmare) challenge of self-building a new house for my family in my hometown of Lampeter. If I’ve any time and energy left, you might find me out on my bike, although if you’ve seen me you’ll know that I’m no Geraint Thomas! My other pleasure is watching rugby and I try to get to a 6 Nations away game each year…. Come on Wales, dewch ymlaen Cymru!

Image of Steve James, Operations Manager
Steve James, Operations Manager

I started working for Bako Wales as one of the drivers back in 2004. After 18 months out on the roads, I moved into the Warehouse side of the business. The 10 years spent working on the effective management and appropriate storage of our products gave me invaluable knowledge, which I use in my current role as Bako Wales’ Operations Manager. It’s a challenging role which is focused on ensuring our customers’ orders are efficiently picked and delivered to them as planned. It’s made easier by working with a team of staff who are friendly, good humoured and all take pride in ensuring the high standards of Bako Wales are met.

Outside of work, I’m an avid football fan. As well and being a supporter of Swansea City FC, I have played for a local team for almost 30 years. Away from the pitch, family is very important to me and I enjoy spending time with my six grandchildren. I’d love to see my only grandson play for the Swans one day (ideally with me as his manager!), or maybe I could set up a girls’ five a side team with my granddaughters. I am also a committed foster parent and have had the privilege of being able to provide a caring family home for children who haven’t been fortunate to experience this before.

Image of Hannah Kirby, Marketing and Communications Executive
Hannah Kirby, Marketing and Communications Executive

I'm excited to have joined the Bako Wales team as the Marketing and Communications Executive. I've been able to spent time with each department and it's been great seeing how everyone works as one big team to keep our customers happy. My role varies from day to day so I'm always working on something different - whether that's working on our monthly 'Bako Business' magazine, managing the website or keeping our social media pages up to date. 

Outside of work, I love going to the theatre to watch musicals. My current favourite musical is Waitress - I'm still crossing my fingers that it returns to the West End. If I'm not in the theatre you'll find me spending time with my two dogs. They love going on new walks and like to keep me on my toes.   

Customer Account Management Team

Image of Ben Stoddart, Customer Accounts Manager
Ben Stoddart, Customer Accounts Manager

I am excited to be starting my new role, working with our current accounts in North Wales and continuing to grow our customer base both there and along the M6.

I am most looking forward to growing the business in areas that the company has only done small amounts with previously. I really think the cooperative model is one that can create a lot of new opportunities and hopefully see a lot of new business come into the company. Driving that will be great!

I was previously working as an account manager for a fabric company but before that I worked on Business Development for Essential Cuisine. 

In my spare time I like to keep active. I play a variety of sports and previously made a living travelling the world playing cricket. I often spend my weekends climbing mountains or playing sport, get the heartrate up and enjoy some fresh air!


Image of Holly Griffin, Customer Accounts Manager
Holly Griffin, Customer Accounts Manager

As a psychology graduate with a master’s degree, I’m passionate about empowering people and improving their quality of life. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my puppy Yogi, as well as travelling and exploring new cultures, and believe that every person has the potential to thrive with the right support and guidance.


As a sales account manager, I’m dedicated to building strong relationships with my clients and helping them achieve their business goals. I thrive on finding creative solutions to complex challenges, and I’m committed to delivering exceptional service and support every step of the way. I believe that successful sales are built on trust, empathy and a deep understanding of my clients needs. Whether I’m working with a small startup or a large business, I’m committed to delivering customised solutions that drive growth and success.

Customer Services Team

Image of Gill, Customer Service Supervisor
Gill, Customer Service Supervisor

I’ve been with Bako Wales for more than 25 years, so it will come as no surprise that I think it’s a great company to work for. Never knowing what the day will bring makes it interesting, and it’s always a pleasure speaking to my regular customers, getting to know them well and helping them with any queries about our products and service.

Outside of work, having two young grandchildren means I’m in demand for babysitting, which I’m always happy to do. I also spend a lot of my time outdoors, gardening, when the weather is good, and taking my dog Trixie – a Chug & Yorkie cross – on long walks. This happens whatever the weather as she’s a bit overweight and needs the workout, but it’s good for keeping me fit and healthy too.

Image of Lesley, Customer Service Team
Lesley, Customer Service Team

Having worked for Bako Wales for eight years as one of the office based customer service team members, I love how well we all get on and what a great sales team we are. I really enjoy speaking to our customers and the fact that every day is a new challenge.

In my free time I’m a passionate football fan and, despite the fact that I’ve always lived locally, Manchester United is my team. I’ve been a season ticket holder since 2001 and try to see as many of ‘The Red Devils’ games as possible, travelling with the Manchester United Swansea Supporters branch. The Swansea Supporters are a great bunch, which is just as well as I see an awful lot of them during the season!