Cakes & Confectionery

Choose from our extensive range of cake and confectionery products, with more than 125 whole and individual cake mixes available.

Whether you are looking for concentrates or stabilisers, muffin or madeira mixes, we can provide all the choice you need.

Browse our selection of chocolate based products and confectionery fillings and icings for those all important finishing touches.

Or why not look at our frozen thaw & serve confectionery section for ready made small and large cake ideas.

Brands on offer, in addition to Bako own: Craigmillar, Sapore, SP, Bakers, Ireks, Puratos

Find out more about what we offer in each category below:

 Product Categories

Whole Cake Mixes

Discover our range of over 120 cake mixes. Whether you are looking for carrot cake, Madeira or sponges look no further.  We can inspire you with our delicious selection of mixes.  We also provide some gluten free options.

Individual Cake Mixes

Our extensive range of individual cake mixes will provide you with all the choice you need – from brownies and scones to muffins and cookies.
We also provide some gluten free options.

Confectionery Concentrates

Choose from our selection of scone and doughnut concentrates.

Baking Powders & Stabilisers

Find top quality raising agents and stabilisers to help your baking maintain its shape, quality and taste.