Confectionery Fillings & Icings

Produce superior confectionery with our specialist products including icings, frostings and inclusions.

Discover our jellies, mallows and macaroon pastes or fruit pie fillings.

Why not browse our range of complementary frozen pastry for ideas for the completed item. We also offer over 120 whole and individual cake mixes in our cakes & confectionery section.

Find out more about what we offer in each category below:

Product Categories

Fudge Icings

Fudge icings add something special to your cakes and desserts. Why not browse our delicious selection and make your cakes and desserts stand out!


Fondant Icings

We offer soft icing, dry fondant, wrappable icing, low water activity caramel and flavoured crembels.



Our flavoured frostings, toppings and icings taste delicious and enhance any cake or dessert.



Lemon cream, salted caramel, millionaires' caramel, butterscotch chip? Whatever tantalises the taste buds we have it! Find our quality inclusions here and take your baking to the next level.


Jellies, Mallows & Macaroon Pastes

Our range of fruit jelly crystals, macaroon pastes and mallows can add those all important details to your baking.


Ready to use Pie Fillings

Fill your tarts, pies and cakes with our extensive range of ready to use fruit fillings. From raspberry and apple to blueberry or blackberry we have something to tantalise the taste buds!


Powder/Dehydrated Pie Fillings

Find apple & blackberry, apple & blackcurrant, apple & raspberry and apple fillings in dehydrated or powder form for your sweet pies.