Frozen Bread

Our extensive selection of frozen bread offers part baked, thaw and serve and unbaked options.

We offer a range of unbaked and part baked speciality loaves as well as unbaked, part baked and thaw & serve baguettes and rolls.

From baguettes, loaves and pizza bases to tortilla wraps we can provide the choice you need.

Also explore our selection of fresh sandwich fillings to create delicious meals for your customers.

Find out more about what we offer in each category below:

Product Categories

Unbaked/Part Baked Loaves

We have frozen bread options to suit your catering requirements. As well as traditional loaves, we offer unbaked dough balls and pizza bases or part baked pizza bases (including vegan & gluten free options), paninis and tortilla wraps.


Unbaked/Park Baked Baguettes & Rolls

From multi-seeded, white and wholemeal half and whole baguettes to crusty rolls and cobs – we have a wide selection that is sure to meet your requirements.


Thaw & Serve Loaves, Baguettes & Rolls

We can provide the convenience and quality that you need with our ranges of thaw & serve baguettes, rolls, baps and buns.