Cake Boards, Drums & Cards

We offer square and round cake boards and drums of varying sizes, so whatever size cake you're making and however many tiers it has, we've got you covered.

You might also be interested in our range of cake boxes, bases & lids or our cake cases and moulds.

Find out more about what we offer in each category below:

Product Categories

Cake Cards

The lightest foil covered cake cards come in round and square, from a tiny 4" up to 12"


Cake Boards

When you something a bit more robust, the we have cake boards in round and square in sizes from 6" up to 12", plus some oblong boards, perfect for that Swiss Roll.


Cake Drums

If you want the perfect for the base for multi-tiered cakes or any heavier cake mixtures, such as fruit cake, then you need one of our cake drums.  Available in round or square and up to 20" in the round shape and 18" in square, for those mega creations!