Frozen Meat, Poultry & Seafood

Whatever your pre-prepared meat, poultry and seafood requirements, we have the choice you need. 

Our quality burgers, bacon, sausages and prawns will provide delicious options for your customers.

Why not accompany these by ordering something from our comprehensive range of frozen breads or fresh deli salads?

Find out more about what we offer in each category below:

Product Categories

Frozen Burgers, Bacon & Sausages

Try our winning selection of burgers, bacon & sausages and sausage meat, which will elevate your catering to new levels.


Frozen Chicken Products
Choose from our slices, strips or goujons of premium chicken.

Our breaded, unbreaded, Tikka and Thai options ensure both choice and quality.


Frozen Prawns

Our delicious frozen prawns, both high glaze and cold water, guarantee your customers with superior ingredients and exceptional taste.