Bread Ingredients

Deliver baking at its best by selecting from our wide range of easy to use and long lasting Concentrates and Mixes, plus some specialist Toppings and Dried Yeast

Brands on offer include: Puratos, Bakels, Arkady

Find out more about what we offer in these different categories below:

Product Categories

Bread Concentrates

Our concentrates make life easy when you're looking to produce something special.  Our products cover a wide range of different loaves and rolls, plus brioche, doughnuts and more.


Bread Mixes

Find an extensive assortment of bread mixes here including multi-seed, corn, rye, pumpkin to name but a few, along with gluten free options.


Bread Flavours & Toppings

Call us to find out about our selection of superior Tiger pastes and toppings.


Dried Yeast

Our quality dried yeasts can help you get the best out of your baking; from Spinger and Mauripan