5% off Bread and Pancake & Waffle mixes

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We're offering 5% off these brand new, highly versatile mixes from Macphie, for orders placed in June.

Whether you’re looking to satisfy the demand for loaves, rolls, baguettes, pizza bases, ciabatta and focaccia; or for waffles, American style pancakes, crepes and mini doughnuts (phew!) then Macphie has launched two new products which will fit the bill perfectly.

The Complete Bread Mix certainly covers all the bases on the bread front.  This versatile mix produces a fantastic selection of breads.  You only need to add water, plus any additions and inclusions you fancy to customise it.  The mix is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and is supplied in 6kg bags, which is enough to produce 12 family sized loaves. 

The Complete Pancake & Waffle Mix, follows the same principles, allowing you to produce a variety of sweet and savoury batters by just adding water.  Make them your own by offering fillings and toppings which will tempt your customers.  This mix is also supplied in 6kg bags, enough to produce 200 standard pancakes!

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