We stand with Ukraine

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All of us at Bako Wales have been shocked by the horrific scenes of the war in Ukraine.  These dreadful events are ones which none of us would have expected to see in this day and age. Our thoughts are with everyone who has family or friends directly or indirectly impacted by what is happening there. 
From a business perspective, we want to reassure you that we are working hard to maintain a strong supply of the products our customers buy from us, although we anticipate that there may be some product areas in which there could be supply issues. There are also likely to be price rises in some products, linked to energy costs and supply shortages, and we will let you know about these as they come through.  To ensure everyone in the co-operative is able to have access to the products they need to operate, we would ask our customers to refrain from unnecessary over-ordering, and understand if we need to put a limit on order amounts for some goods.  Our sales and customer services team members will be able to advise you if this is the case and work with you to help you with any specific challenges you are experiencing.
Everyone wants to do what they can to assist those affected, and our Bako Wales staff have already made personal donations of the things that are needed, including medical supplies, toiletries, clothing and blankets.  Co-ordinated by Lynette in our Customers Services Team, these supplies are already on their way to the Ukrainian people. It is heart-warming to see this response from the team, and as always we are keen to help customers where possibile.