We Know, They're Only Sausage Rolls - But We Like Them!

Image for We Know, They're Only Sausage Rolls  - But We Like Them!

Did you know that each year the U.K. hosts a National Sausage Roll day? Traditionally held on 5th June, National Sausage Roll day is a chance for the whole country to come together and celebrate the icon of British snacking.

In the past, we've seen food businesses attempt to make the longest ever sausage roll, increase they're offering to give customers a wider choice and recipe development continues to deliver flavour combinations that take the lunchtime favourite to the next level.

Rarely out of the news - who can forget the controversy over Greggs' vegan version? - sausage rolls aren't simply your basic filling and pastry any more and at Bako Wales, we supply a fantastic seletion that delivers on quality, taste and price point. 

Why not treat your customers to a sausage roll with a difference this June? Check out just some of the options we have available below:

Pork , Shropshire Blue & Caramalised Onion Sausage Roll 
(Code: 272411)

Hog Roast Sausage Roll 
(Code: 272618)

Penny Lane Handmade Style Sausage Roll - 
(Code: 272962)

Naughty Vegan Sausage Roll
(Code: 272659) 

Wrights Vegan Lattice Roll
(Code: 272473)

Authentic Cocktail Sausage Roll
(Code: 271414)

Urban Bistro 5” Sausage Roll
(Code: 272845)

Urban Bistro 6” Sausage Roll
(Code: 272828)

Wrights 6” Sausage Roll
(Code: 271468)

Wrights 8” Jumbo Sausage Roll
(Code: 272885)

To enquire about any of the above products or for a copy of our full Product List, contact Bako Wales Customer Services on 01792 890500.