Veganuary is here!

Image for Veganuary is here!

What better way to start 2022 than with the best intentions?

The Veganuary trend has become a hugely successful, highly promoted challenge that has more and more people vowing to ditch all animal products for a whole month. This vegan vow through January has become a prime act of new year resolution with participation massively increasing year on year.

Not everybody is vegan, but vegan food can be enjoyed by all.

Don’t compromise on indulgence - we have a range of products to choose from starting with our Macphie Vegan Cake Mixes and Vegan Frostings. We stock the Macphie Chocolate Vegan Muffin Cake Mix (272321), Vegan Vanilla Frosting (272323), Vegan Chocolate Frosting (272404), and Vegan Plain Muffin Cake Mix (272410). These give you the perfect ingredients to begin experimenting with textures and tastes – create traybakes, muffins, cakes, and more!

Do you love a sausage roll, or is a traditional pasty your go-to? The Naughty Vegan range gives your customers the difficult choice between No-Beef Pasty (272657), Cheez & Onion Pasty (272658), or the Sausage Rolls (272659). Cook up a storm in this chilly weather!

Did you know all Puffa Pastry is vegan? To magic up your perfect pies or pasties, try the Puff Pastry Small Bakers Block (270869), Pre-Sheeted Puff Pastry Roll 5kg (270871), Pre-Sheeted Puff Pastry Roll 10kg (270872), or the Puff Pastry Short Cut Sheets (270873)

This is just a taste of the vegan options that we stock. To get stuck in this Veganuary (or any time of year as this trend isnt going anywhere), contact our customer services on 01792 890500 and we can create you a bespoke product list to start your journey right.