Veganuary 2024 - Will you be taking part?

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Veganuary has grown in popularity over the last few years and continues to prove just how popular it is each year.

During Veganuary, those taking part will remove all animal products from their diet and lifestyle for the entire month. There are a variety of reasons for people to take part in Veganuary, from wanting the health benefits to veganism to testing the vegan lifestyle before committing to the lifestyle change.

Although some of your customers will already follow a vegan lifestyle, other customers might choose to try some vegan treats and snacks during the month. Taking part in Veganuary is also a great way to be inclusive to your customers that do follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Vegan products are also ideal for any customers that are lactose intolerant as plant-based products are lactose free.

This month’s Bako Business features some of our Vegan lines for you to order for your customers this Veganuary. You might even surprise a few of your customers with tasty products that they can’t believe are vegan!

If you are looking for some sweet treats, our selection of frozen vegan products and vegan mixes are perfect! If you are looking for some thaw & serve goodies, our selection of muffins, chocolate brownies, and cookies could be exactly what you are looking for. Or if you are looking to bake some treats from scratch our vegan mixes can be used to whip up some tasty vegan doughnuts and scones.

Or if you don’t have a sweet tooth, our vegan pasties and sausage roll might be what you are looking for. Choose between a more traditional vegetable vegan pasty or a spicy vegetable pasty that comes with a little kick of flavour.

This is just a selection of the vegan products that we offer. For more information on any of the vegan products available contact our customer services on 01792 890500.

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