Seasonal recipes from Macphie

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Get inspired to make something different!

To help our Bako Wales customers, Macphie have put together a brochure with information and recipes for different varieties of hot cross buns, using one of their popular Softie, Superdough, or Spice Bun concentrates as a base, combined with their Crossing Mix.

The brochure also has recipes which use their Vegan Muffin & Cake Mix.

Recipes included:

  • Chocolate orange hot cross buns
  • Rosemary hot cross buns
  • Chorizo hot cross buns
  • Lemon hot cross buns
  • Ginger hot cross buns
  • Traditional hot cross buns
  • Hot cross bun loaf
  • Cherry Bakewell Simnel cake
  • Italian Easter bread
  • Vanilla & violet cupcakes
  • Rose layered sponge cakes

Check out the Macphie product guide and recipes here!

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