Register Now For National Doughnut Week! It All Kicks Off From 10th July!

Image for Register Now For National Doughnut Week! It All Kicks Off From 10th July!

Originally scheduled to take place in May 2021, this year's National Doughnut Week will now be held between 10th and 18th July, and there's still time to register!

National Doughnut Week is an annual event where businesses including bakers, coffee shops and offices sell (hopefully!) lots of delicious doughnuts, aiming to raise funds for The Children’s Trust with 100% of the funds raised going straight to the charity.

With the sweet treat in all its forms - be that jam-filled, ring and speciality - continuing to grow in popularity across the U.K, this year's event guarantees to be a popular and successful one.

If your business is planning on hosting a National Doughnut Week fundraiser, Bako Wales has a whole range ready to tempt your customers' tastebuds - whilst doing some good of course! 

Choose from doughnut mixes and concentrates that allow you to create your own unique flavours from scratch or keep things simple and take advantage of our baked and part-baked options such as triple chocolate, marshmallow, Oreo, lemon custard and so much more. We can even sort you out with some fantastic topping, icings and finishings.

To discover more about National Doughnut Week and to register to take part for free click here.

To enquire about or order any of our doughnut products, please call Bako Wales Customer Services on 01792 890500.