New driver eager to get on the road

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One unique aspect of Bako Wales is the relationships between customers and staff. We have staff who have spent most of their working years within our company, some members of our workforce who have left only to later come back to us with valuable experiences and knowledge that assists to enhance our service, and newer employees who settle in quickly creating their own personal rapport with their customers.
Recently we have had the pleasure of facilitating an employee to complete their HGV 2 licence, taking him from working hard behind the scenes to becoming a customer-facing team member. Cameron, who started here in March 2019 through an external agency, was employed directly by us in 2020 and has worked in the warehouse for 3 years. Here he was part of our Frozen Goods picking team and achieved his First Aid accreditation. Showing massive dedication and wanting to progress within the company, we invested in the license for Cameron to fulfil a highly important role as one of our drivers.
At only 22 years old, Cameron is already delivering far and wide, making weekly trips to North Wales. Some customers have had the pleasure of meeting Cameron and we are sure he will develop strong relationships with all that get to know him. Cameron says he is enjoying his new role and likes the freedom as well as always keeping busy!
Bako Wales takes pride in supporting and empowering staff on all levels, and our workforce takes ownership and dedication to go the extra mile wherever possible. This has naturally earned the trust of our customers. Adopting the great relationships that we have has allowed us to understand individual needs, deliver personalised service and adapt to external impacts in order to give our customers the best possible outcomes.
As a small team of fifty employees in the company, staff development and progression are key to the operation as well as to maintaining the close relationships we have with our customers. Staff who have experienced multiple aspects of the business have a depth of valuable knowledge and understanding. This is one of the reasons we invest in staff qualifications and training for their professional development.
A big well done goes to Cameron – we look forward to seeing your continuing journey. Make sure you say hello if you see him on his travels!