Mark Your Calendars – Food Holidays are Coming

Image for Mark Your Calendars – Food Holidays are Coming

The food holiday calendar consists of food themed days and weeks throughout the year, each focusing on different foods and drinks.

Most people have heard of popular food holidays such as Veganuary and National Doughnut Week but you might not be aware of some of the newer and less known holidays. Throughout the year, there is a food holiday for almost everything you could think of from cherry pies to mac and cheese.

Serving food to celebrate these days and weeks comes with a number of benefits. One of these benefits is that these food holidays offer you the opportunity to showcase different products throughout the year. So those of us that are guilty of ordering the same yummy treats each time might be a little bit more adventurous and try something new. The food holidays can also be a great time to trial some new products for a limited time. If you experiment with new flavours, you might help your customers to discover a new favourite!

August sees a number of food-based holidays from National Bakewell Tart Day to National Coconut Week. Here at Bako Wales, we’ve added a variety of products in August’s Bako Business to help you celebrate 3 of the upcoming food holidays:

  • 4th August - National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
  • 7th – 13th August - Afternoon Tea Week
  • 23rd August - National Sponge Cake Day

You’ll find a selection of products to help you bake delicious baked goods so that you and your customers can enjoy these food holidays! You can find the August issue of Bako Business here.