Love is in the air...

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Food really is the way to the heart!

February is the month of love. With the build-up to Valentine’s Day starting from late January, for weeks you will see pink hearts and flowers almost everywhere you go. Even if it's at the back of the mind for some, we can guarantee there are certain lovelies already excited about getting spoilt! 

This time is no longer restricted to couples – have you heard of Galentine’s? This little twist on Valentine’s Day is about platonic friends, prominently female, deciding to get involved and show love and appreciation to those closest to them. This means businesses can explore widening their offerings to satisfy more people wanting to get involved!

Do you know the nation's favourite way to spoil their loved ones? Over half of Brits say that food is the way to their hearts, and that is not surprising. Thinking about your special memories, how many of your fondest times involved food? Whether a cute cupcake gift, a romantic picnic in the park, or a lavish three-course meal – there are so many ways to devour favourite foods on these special days.

Make sure you have everything needed to give your customers what they want – get your order in with us now. We have the most beautiful baking decorations to make your creations extra special. Get stocked up on all your essentials for the perfect third course, and we even have gorgeous pastries for a fancy breakfast. Check out our promotions in this month's Bako Business here. We know it's always a good idea to be a step ahead, so Mother's Day promotions are already up for grabs too!