From British Army Logistics Specialist to Bako Wales Transport Leader

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Congratulations are in order for our Transport Team Leader, Mike O’Mara, who has recently achieved a Level 3 Certificate of Professional Competence for Transport Managers. This qualification, awarded through the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, focuses on developing the skills required to successfully manage a company’s transport operation.

Creating a culture of learning and development

This ongoing learning and adapting is something we at Bako Wales encourage for all departments to review and refresh our services. We aim to create a culture of receptivity to new ideas and collaboration across all departments. For the cooperative to function effectively at all levels of the operation, we take opportunities where possible to encourage staff to develop, learn and progress.

Mike's story

Mike started at Bako Wales as an HGV driver in 2016, being promoted to Transport Team Leader in August 2022. Mike has demonstrated his unwavering determination to develop a smooth routing plan to benefit both customers and staff in the last nine months. He has used his logistics expertise along with his depth of understanding of the HGV driving role and our customer’s needs to further strengthen our business relationships throughout the cooperative, through effective collaboration across departments, with the goal of a seamless customer journey to receive goods.

Starting his career as a Logistics Specialist within the British Army, Mike’s assertiveness and problem-solving skills make for an impressive Transport Team Leader who has gained the respect and mutual trust of his colleagues. His team mentality and camaraderie motivate our drivers, encouraging a sense of team spirit to go above and beyond. The whole Bako Wales staff force enjoys his sarcasm and quick wit, we’re sure customers have had the privilege of getting to know him too as we have received feedback many a time when he has exceeded expectations.

Outside of work, Mike plays centre-half for Llangennech AFC. We’re told he plays well and the team has recently been promoted to the Carmarthenshire league premiership. Again, Mike is leading the way for the future generation, coaching his son’s Under 9’s team in his spare time. When asked about his future plans, Mike was vocal about his ambition to progress further in his career.

Recruitment of new talent

We have in recent months employed a new HGV driver, Mike Ried, who came to us through an agency. After six months of driving for us, his commitment and enthusiasm shone through so much that we didn’t want to let him go. Mike Ried normally delivers within the North West Wales region and adopts the Bridgend route on Fridays, so make sure to say “hello” if you see him on his travels!

Your feedback matters

Our drivers work through the night to keep the operation going like clockwork. If you do have a great service from one of our drivers, we encourage you to let them know! We’d like to give them a boost as they go on their way, giving the best service possible to each customer, every time. Any feedback is welcome, if you do have anything you would like us to know, you can complete this survey to help us continue to improve.