Events are coming back!

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We loved meeting some customers at Dawn Foods' Celebrating our Nations Bakes event.

Dawn Foods teamed up with Mono Equipment to host their recent event and we were thrilled to be invited along with our customers!

Over the last couple of years, events have been stalled to keep the nation's most vulnerable people safe through the Covid-19 era. Here at Bako Wales, we are thankful and proud to have made it through safely with our staff and customers. One thing we have all missed is mixing with our suppliers and customers at various events. So when we received the invite from Dawn Foods, we jumped at the chance to get back to some normality. 

Dawn Foods is known for its high-quality products that always impress, which is why we are proud to offer so many of its lines at competitive prices. This special event "Celebrate Our Nations Bakes" was held here in Swansea, just around the corner from our Bako Wales office. As part of their campaign, Dawn aims to rediscover delicious local bakes around the UK. As much as we all love trying new foods abroad, there is nothing quite like homely comfort food. Taking those traditional treats and injecting mind-blowing flavours really inspired all in attendance. 

Holding this event at Mono Equipment was a perfect recipe to truly represent how versatile and consistently delicious Dawn's products are. A number of our customers got involved as Dawn showcased their diverse product range, gave advice on creating perfect treats every time, and demonstrated wonderful possibilities using the extensive range of equipment. We even got lots of tips to cater to the ever-growing vegan market!

New products were being used, which we have since included in our offering to our customers. We always aim to give the best products to our members, and this event was a great opportunity to sample them ourselves to truly be able to help and advise. We all learned a lot and we are excited to share this with you! So whether you are considering adding new gluten-free or vegan lines, or want to experiment with the new Hazelnut or Nut Bake Delicreams, get in touch and we will tell you all about it.

We look forward to future events as fabulous as this one, hopefully hosting our trade show again soon!