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Dear Bako Wales customer

November 2022 saw us marking 60 years in business, throughout which time we have had the pleasure of supplying and supporting our customer members.

Over the 60 years, we have survived through some challenging times.  We have done so by using the good times to invest in key areas of the business, to make us more efficient, and by continually working with our customer members to deliver excellent services and the best value products you want. 

What we offer and how we provide our services continues to evolve in order to adapt to what you need from us, not least as your customers’ requirements change. For example, this has led to us expanding our range of vegetarian and vegan finished products and to be continually working with our suppliers to bring new products into our portfolio as well as great offers on existing lines.

Whilst reaching the 60 year milestone is significant, we want to ensure that we are still here in another 60 years’ time.  To achieve this, we need to keep working closely with you so we continue to meet your expectations.

To help us, we are asking for 5 minutes of your time to complete an online survey about your experience with Bako Wales and for you to share your thoughts on how we can serve you better.  Whilst the survey can be completed anonymously, if you complete the information about your business, this will allow us to support you better and to respond directly on any specific points you raise.

This is once again a very challenging time for all of us in business, which makes it even more important that we understand what you need from us. Also, as a member of our cooperative, how well Bako Wales performs has a direct impact on you, so please help by completing the survey.

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If there is anything you would like to raise with us directly, then please contact your nominated Customer Accounts Manager, or get in touch with our Customer Services Team on 01792 890 500

Thank you for your assistance.
Dyfed Evans
General Manager