Bako Wales statement on coronavirus outbreak

Image for Bako Wales statement on coronavirus outbreak

Bako Wales would like to assure all customers that we are closely monitoring the recent outbreak of coronavirus and any impact this may have on our business.

Whilst there is no immediate effect on our supply chain, this is an evolving issue and we will continue to assess the situation and take all appropriate actions to ensure continuity of supply to our customers.

Sufficient stocks are in place to ensure our customers are not disrupted and that supply remains unaffected.  Immediate steps have been taken to further increase stocks of products that may potentially be affected in future as a precautionary measure.

All our supplying sites apply rigorous good manufacturing practices, with specific standards for personal hygiene, illness reporting and factory hygiene.

Given the information currently available, it is extremely unlikely that products supplied by Bako Wales containing ingredients from any of the effected areas pose a risk to consumers.

Should this issue have any effect on product supplies going forward, we will communicate this to our customers in an open and timely manner.
Dyfed Evans
General Manager