Bako Bonds Through Bowling

Image for Bako Bonds Through Bowling

In April the Bako Wales team bonded through a competitive game of bowling!

Departments work varied hours to meet our customer’s needs, which means that many of our staff don’t mix day to day - from drivers working through the night to office staff working through the day, and our colleagues working shifts in the warehouse for a smooth operation every day. We all play our part in achieving the goals of the cooperative.

We feel having a strong team of staff who know, understand and support each other is paramount to the continued success. Encouraging working relationships between departments and fostering a strong team culture is always a priority, so we took this opportunity to connect and communicate whilst showing off our skills (or lack of!).

We enjoy annual parties altogether which highlight the strength of the team and how well we all get on, and this instils commitment and consideration across the company shown daily long after the event.

All in all, everyone had a great time – just don’t ask who won or lost!