Bakery Trends and Recipes

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Our friends at Macphie have recently published a ‘Bakery Snapshot’ which gives a quick overview of the latest trends in Bakery tastes and goods, which we thought would be of interest to our customers.

The document also includes a range of recipe ideas which incorporate these trends:

  • Avocado and crispy quinoa flatbread (to serve 13)
  • Olive, feta and herb savoury muffins (makes 40)
  • Croissants with strawberries and whipped Greek yogurt (makes 20)
  • Currant and mixed seed flapjack (makes 14 100g bars)
  • Stuffed breakfast rolls (makes 10)
  • Lemon drizzle & poppy seed muffins (makes 27)

Plus a recipe for hot cross buns and a range of different things to do with them!  Be inspired by the following recipes, each of which makes 9 dozen:

  • Savoury hot cross bun – rosemary
  • Savoury hot cross bun – chorizo
  • Savoury hot cross bun – cheese and bacon
  • Chocolate orange hot cross buns
  • Ginger hot cross buns
  • Lemon hot cross buns

Check out the trends and get the recipes here