60 years of Bako Wales

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This November, we at Bako Wales are celebrating a wonderful 60 years as a cooperative.

Since we opened for business in 1962, we have enjoyed supplying our members across Wales and its border region with quality ingredients, delicious finished goods and ancillary essentials.

From bakeries to educational facilities and food manufacturers to catering companies, our customer base has expanded far beyond the initial expectations 60 years ago. Our product range has evolved over time to meet the needs of our members along with the demands of the cooperative. We are proud that so many of you have been loyal members and have grown with us, riding the ups and downs that we have seen since we started.

We would like to use this opportunity to say thank you.

With your support we have grown into a business which had a turnover approaching £18m in 2021/22, boosted by our expansion in North Wales and the border areas in the last year, and the introduction of the option for our members to order online. 

Bako Wales operates with a relatively small, committed team of less than 50 people, with everyone doing their part to help us deliver the excellent service our members need. A big thank you to all our staff, past and present, for their commitment to the cooperative and helping us reach the current milestone.

And now, once again, we are facing tough times ahead with the cost of living crisis affecting all of us. Building relationships with our members to better understand your needs has been key to our success, and to ensure we continue to do so, we will be undertaking an online members survey this month.  When you receive your invitation to take part, please help us to help you by completing the survey and sharing your views on how we can help you better.

It has been an honour working with you, our members, over the last 60 years, and with your help and by keeping your interests at the heart of our service we look forward to supporting you long into the future.

Dyfed Evans
General Manager