£5 Off Ireks New Smokey Onion Bread Mix

Image for £5 Off Ireks New Smokey Onion Bread Mix

Give your customers a subtle suprise using a brand new product from Ireks -  a smokey onion bread mix that's a taste combination of dried onions and smoke flavouring.


This versatile bread mix is the basis for an exceptional taste, characterised by a special aroma. No matter whether savoury snacks, baguettes or burger buns, your customers will enjoy the smoke aroma in connection with the subtle sweetness of roasted onions which will give your baked goods that special character.


What's more, Bako Wales is offering our customers £5 off every 12.5kg bag of the new product throughout June 2021.


That means, instead of the usual price of £27.52 per bag, you'll pay just £22.52. 

To enquire or order, please call Bako Wales Customer Services on 01792 890500.